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Monday, 23-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Baker's Dozen

- "Didn't you recognize Tommy Lasorda? He was sitting right behind you?!"
Server's exclamation as I again failed to recognize Lasorda. Hey, I'm not an athletic supporter!

- Fry's is having fantastic buys as it celebrates its 20th Anniversary and I came away with bargains!

- "Do you remember when we would do this all the time? Twenty five cents for a hot dog and soda. You can't beat that!"
Spouse and I eating lunch in the car at the Fry's parking lot and feeling like we're picnicking.

- The Volunteen celebration at spouse's job. These kids do a great job at assisting the elderly and infirm and deserved the recognition and kudos received.

- Worrying about not hearing from Nana. We've called her for two days and still no response.

- "Woo hoo, we got our $20 rebate from Sandisk!"
We religiously complete and submit our rebates.

- Knowing where Nana should be on a Saturday morning, we tracked her down. Thankfully, she and hubby are fine. She fixed us breakfast and we were on our way!

- "Shit, the parking lot's a dust bowl!"
A nasty realization.

- Attending the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in scorching 95 degrees and coming home drenched from perspiration, tired and badly sun burned.

- Doing laundry and chilling!

- Watching White Noise and finding the behind the scenes content intriguing yet, disturbing. It made my hair stand. Didn't know such people had their own societies. The film was good and reminded me a lot of The Ring.

- Movie Night: iRobot finally snared us and we all agreed it wasn't worth paying to see in the theater, let alone pay for a rental. Thank God Punky borrowed it from a friend. It's a real stinker!

Monday, 16-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Baker's Dozen

- Driving spouse to work and realizing how much I miss that time together. We decided to "have it our way" by ordering breakfast bacon croissants. Ooooh, it was so good and it felt like we were picnicking in the car.

- Spouse suggesting that I go to Fry's alone...I didn't question it. I took off and bought myself another 512 meg card for .... $19.00. I love the way technology prices keep falling. Searching for a good deal on USB hubs and not finding any. I bought a D-Link seven port USB hub for $29.99 after rebate. What a steal and I'm still hoping for another. Memorial Day give us fantastic sales!

- "Rrrrriiiiiiiippppp! as the hair leaves the skin. Oh, but it feels so smooth afterward and takes longer for the hair to grow back."
Leg waxing time.

- Long Beach is a gorgeous city at night. Even the oil rigs look like something out of Close Encounters.

- New music this week: DMB's Standing.

- Digging podcasts and seriously considering doing one.

- Spouse working the weekend and feeling lonely. It's terrible being without my soulmate.

- Rest in Peace Johnny S. Spouse's cousin died from complications of pancreatic cancer.

- Setting up the umbrella and patio furniture. We're in the high eighties and loving it!

- Movie night and again, we lucked out of watching iRobot. Emmet wanted to watch CloserT starring Julia Roberts and Jude Law. This movie was bizarre as the two central couples wind up being involved with each other. If you have cable TV, it's definitely a cable movie. The conversation was great, the companionship wonderful and the food delicious!

- I rented National Treasure and In Good Company . Hopefully, we'll watch them soon! Spouse keeps falling asleep through movies. However, just put on the Food Network or Animal Planet and I'll receive a play by play.

- I've solved my 512 meg and one gig SD card not playing in my mp3 player conundrum. Creative Technology came through via email support. I am a happy camper!

Monday, 9-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Baker's Dozen

- Rising super early and doing laundry. What the hell got into me!

- Trying to figure out the SD card and MP3 player madness. No resolution! (See last week's B12)

- Shopping at Kohl's for Mother's Day gifts. I know, me bad, very last minute shopper.

- Peering into the garage, cringing and closing the door.

- Driving to Murrieta on a semi-sunny day to visit my in-laws.

- Celebrating Mother's Day at the Hungry Hunter and feeling stuffed to the gills!

- Watching the Passion of Christ and finding its violence and gore gratuitous yet, unsettling true to the Bible.

- Gardening and planting another rose bush. A little late in the season, but it just arrived via mail order.

- "Hello."
Shy Girl: "George Lopez tickets go on sale today at 1:00 p.m. for June 12."
"Alright! Are you going?"
Shy Girl: "Don't know yet. Hubby has to work."
"Well, come with us. Talk it over and let us know."
Shy Girl: "We're on. Can you order the tickets online? I'm visiting my mom."
"It's on!
Wonderful news arrived early in the day. George Lopez in June....smashing!

- Dining at Paul's Kitchen and celebrating Mother's Day. Thankfully, we didn't over eat and Chinese cuisine digests quickly. Need lots of veggies the next few days!!

- "All the other kids made three things, but I also made my mom a stencil card. No one else wanted to, but I did. I asked my teacher and she said yes."
Lil Dude describing what he made for his mom in second grade.

- Workin' off the pounds groovin to E.U.'s Da Butt. Anyone remember this old skool tune?? Fess up and be counted!

Monday, 2-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Baker's Dozen

- Buddah was almost no more. A solid wood deck chair almost caused his demise.

- Searching the house for old Bowie CDs and still not finding them.

- "Shit, I tore my shirt!"
Spouse's observation after breakfast.

- Checking out Hot Ghetto Mess www.hotghettomess.com

- Cleaning house and feeling queasy.

- "Did you see those Toes?"
Toes hanging off the edge of one's sandals are not cute!

- "I'm sorry. I'm just not feeling well. I have to cancel tonight."
With that, our Saturday evening plans were trashed.

- Watching House of Flying Daggers and thoroughly enjoying this martial arts/love story. This film has an actual story that is not based solely on history or action. The soundtrack is quite lovely and I'm intent on finding it. Wonderful music, good story, great acrobatics, and very good acting.

- Unsuccessfully trying to rip Hotel California to my computer. The CD is Old, probably one of the first issues of the album. Is it copy protected? Everything else rips save for this one song. The CD's not scratched and is pristine.

- "I don't know how people can eat out of those little containers."
Spouse's observation of eating Chinese take out.

- Trying to solve a one gig SD card conundrum. Attempts to transfer MP3 files to a one gig card via a card reader result in the error message: "Capacity is full." This would be fine if the card was full, however, it has only 256 megs on it! I've disconnected the card reader. Shut down the computer. Reformatted and scan disked the one gig card and still, I receive the same error after it reaches 256 megs. Any ideas?

- "Oh, he's so gorgeous. Look at his coat!"
Sissy commenting my boy's beautiful coat of fur.

- Watching Endless Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and truly enjoying it, while being intellectually stimulated. What if we could erase all our bad memories? All of the sadness? The pain? The heartache? The disappointment? Humiliation? Would you? And if you did, what Kind of person would you be today? Would you be who you are now?

Monday, 25-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Baker's Dozen

- Visited with a friend on the tail end of chemo therapy. She's lost all of her hair - her biggest fear - and I was so pleased to see her spirit remarkably strong. She's accepted the hair loss and is bracing for radiation and an experimental drug treatment that's supposed to improve her chances of not getting breast cancer again.

- A very cold, windy day reminiscent of winter. Brrrr!

- Yea, received my order from Amazon: Mother-in-law's CD Lackawanna Blues and Mars Voltar Frances the Mule.

- Helping a friend set up his MP3 player. I influenced his purchase: he bought the Creative Muvo C100. He's very pleased with it and will train daily listening to music. He's running in San Diego's Marathon on June 6th. Spouse also has a co-worker running the marathon, so me thinks we may be taking a road trip!

- Viewing the film Birth starring Nicole Kidman and well, I thought it was okay. Spouse didn't like it and thought it a waste of celluloid! I rented it on recommendation and believe Shy Girl must've been toking!

- The neighbors were pouding, scraping, breaking and pounding. Seems they demolished their tool shed and left a gaping hole in the fence.

- I watched spouse sand and varnish our new adirondack chairs amid the chaos and noise.

- "Who the hell paints a wall only half way up?!"
Spouse's observation of the paint job on our external walls.

- A gorgeous day perfect for a delicious sandwich from Katella Deli.

- Ripping songs from CD is tedious and time consuming. I never realized this until now. Equally challenging is deciding which ones to include.

- Viewing Finding Neverland and enjoying it so much, time just flew by. Lord, Johnny Depp is gorgeous and I can't wait for Willie Wonka!!

- The Sunday ads are a bust. What's up with that? I bet they're waiting for the Memorial Day holiday to bust out with savings.

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